Sunday, June 3, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month #3: Just shoot me now!

Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge #3: "Just shoot me now!" What's your worst Migraine trigger? Can you avoid it? How do you handle it? Oh, triggers. How I despise the... I have so many that break me down, leaving me incapacitated in its wake.

Heat/ Humidity: Picture this. It's a beautiful 85 degree summer day. Your family is over & you are having a cook out. Being outside in this heat has made you start sweating profusely. You're completely saturated. Then you start to feel this tightening in your head. It feels like a rubber band being squeezed around your cranium, to the point where you can't possibly take anymore. Oh! And then comes the fun part. Nausea!! You can't eat, you can't possibly smell the food being cooked all around you. If you're lucky you won't gag in front of your guests. If not, it'll all come up. Yes, you guessed it! Every single pair of eyes are on you, while your doing the unthinkable!! There's nothing you can do to prevent this whole ordeal. No amount of water, medication or positive thinking NOTHING!! Besides, worrying what's going on inside of your body, already makes it impossible to put on "the happy face". There's no grin & bear it anymore. Your making a spectacle of yourself & EVERYONE around you knows it!! Welcome to my summer...

Stress: I know, I know everyone has the stress issue. So there's really no need to elaborate on this one, eh? There's things I can do to help calm myself down, but it always seems to bite me in the butt!!

Lack of sleep: Yet again, this one I dont really need to elaborate on... It happens due to immense, conatant pain, or stress.

Depression: But ofcourse this one HAS to go on my list. With everything I've been going through lately this one is inevitable. Especially when it's all mixed with mind racing, worrying, anexiety etc. Fun times!! The antidepressants haven't taken effect yet. So all I can do is reach out & ask others for help. But most of all, BREATHE!! Things will be ok, I know this. However, when I start to get panicky, life doesn't seem as easy as it should be.

Knowing & learning when I need to relax: This has proven to be REALLY, I MEAN REALLY hard for me. There's always something that needs to be done, obviously because I'm so anal. Dishes can't be left in the sink & everything NEEDS to be in its spot. Oh, my Husband, Mother & Father can tell you how "particular" I am. HA HA!! I need to learn when to relax & DO IT!! I'm always to worried about everyone else, but not about me & my condition.I think that's about it...

I can't think of anything else. My brain is so fried right now trying to throw around ideas. Anywhoo I think this is pretty long anyway!!

Have a happy painfree Sunday everyone!!
K8 =]

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andrea said...

I'm rooting for you, Kate!

Kate "Katetastrophe" Chappell said...

Thank You I really appreciate your support!! =]