Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month #12: "Let's Do the Monster Mash!"

Choose a movie monster that reminds you of your Migraines and tell us why.

Godzilla!! He is the ultimate definition of a Cluster Headache. He rises out of the unknown places of your soul, then unleashes havoc on every being in your body. He's a demonic creature, just like a Cluster. His whole life is based around pain. Very much like the demon seed dwelling within me. His voluminous footsteps are my warning of imminent doom. Then he gets closer, the pain deepens. The Army of protection hasn't scared off the beast. (Oxygen) His shriek is my crying out for the pain to cease. His tail crashing through buildings, is the pulsating thunderclap of pain. With his powerful tiny fists he grabs your head & thrashes it to the floor. Breaking every last piece of sanity within you. He leads you to believe that slamming your cranium is the only way to make him go back into the shadowy depths. Then once his reign of terror is over, he leaves the city in shambles. My body is that city; utterly depleted & exhausted. Hoping & praying that something or someone can keep Godzilla hidden away for all eternity.

Live for today, H.O.P.E for a better tomorrow
K8 =]

National Migraine Awareness Month is initiated by the National Headache Foundation. The Blogger's Challenge is initiated by www.FightingHeadacheDisorders.com.

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