Thursday, June 21, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month #21: "Shaking in My Boots."

What's your biggest Migraine related fear. How do you cope with it?

My biggest fear is every single day of my life. I'm a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. I never know when or where I'll be, when the pain stricks me. I live in the fear that I'll be incapacitated w/ pain out in public. I'm afraid I'll get woken up by the demon in my slumber. Basically, I live in fear every single waking moment of my life. That's just the Clusters. Add in the Daily Chronic Headache, Chronic Tension, a dab of Trigeminal Nueralgia, Migraines & of course Fibromyalgia... Happy fun times!! OH YEAH! Don't forget the horrible depression I'm battling. All together we have a joyous concoction. Man, I love sarcasm...

How I cope? Not thinking. I try not to think of the demonic beings dwelling w/ in me. But it's unbearably hard not too. So my mantra in life is, "Go with the Flow". (Right Diane?!) I'm here for a reason, plagued w/ these issues. So why not just enjoy the time I feel "OK ". Life is made to be lived to the fullest right?

★Hugs to all★
K8 =]

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