Thursday, June 14, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month #15: Free Blog! 20 Minutes of Pure Euphoria

Blog an a Migraine related topic of your choice.

This happens to me almost every morning. Well, not EVERY morning. Especially if it's one of those nights where the insomnia fairy comes. Or especially if the pain demon leaves me reeling. If I have a "normal" night's sleep, no medication to assist me here, I have the most beautiful, awe inspiring event happen. 20 whole minutes without pain!!! Ah, it's GLORIOUS! I wake up, my eyes focus on the new day, & I'm in pure heaven. I don't want to leave the bed, because I want to savour every last drop of this blissful feeling. I rub the sleep from my eyes, & breathe. Deep, refreshing breaths. Then I close my eyes, snuggle into the blankets & my mind completely shuts off. There's no worries, no fears, just an utter calmness has swept over me. Leaving me like a cup of butter. All soft & melty.... Then time seems to fly by. Before I know it, I start to feel a little ache develop in my head. My mind suddenly leaves my pleasure zone, as it starts to focus on that single ache. It starts to grow & grow into a Tension Headache, or whatever bomb the demon seed inside of me plans to explode on me that day. By then I know it's all over. My dreams of being pain free have been shattered right before my eyes. So, then I get up. Might as well start the day & see what else is in store for me...

"Be here now"
K8 =]

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