Thursday, June 14, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month #16: "Lead, follow, or get our of the way."

Which role fits you and why?

GET OUT OF MY WAY!! I am so blunt, I tell it like it is. I'm sorry if I offended you, but you have to know I do it so you can hear the truth. Of course I'll say my intentions in a nice way... But I always say what I want & how I feel.

I always take the lead roll in my health care. I tell my doctor what I want to do. Even if she doesn't agree with my decision. Excuse me, but this is my body, my life, my pain. I'm the one who has to deal with it every waking moment. Obviously, I'm not going to say no to something she really finds beneficial. Did I ever mention I still can be persuaded?! Lol! I do spend a lot of my time researching my various ailments, so I'm not completely blind as to what I should do. But for the majority of my health decisions, I'm my own advocate. I know my body. I know that I may be sensitive to a certain kind of medication. (Lithium for one) So yes, I take the lead & get out of my way because no one is going to tell me what I should & should not do regarding my health.

On the other hand, I'm a leader. I do what I want & hope others follow my decisions. I don't take lightly to criticism, because I always think before I act. It's almost like they're trying to prove me wrong, when here I am thinking I did the right thing. So you better have a good argument to prove me "wrong".

But then I find myself completely hurt when I hear someone making up rumors, or talking poop behind my back. I dwell on the fact that they don't like me. Why? What did I ever do to you?! Then add in some anxiety attacks, depression & there I go down that downward spiral. I don't know why in some cases I'm so self confident in my abilities. But then if someone speaks wrongly of me I crumble... Why can't I just not care? Why do I let it bother me so? I haven't a clue...

"Be here now"
K8 =]

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