Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month #18: "The Price Is Right."

What one thing would you do for the Migraine community if money were no issue?

One thing?! I guess that is what makes this hard, huh?! I'd have to say I'd like to see more more certified Headache Specialists, qualified in Cluster Headaches. With that comes affordable treatment, & medications. I know in my rural area, the closest Headache Specialist is 40 miles away.

Not keeping with the assignment so to say, I'd also like to see more advocacy. More social media sites, more info, so that people like me don't feel so isolated. I feel sometimes like I'm the only one who has tried 80+ meds w/ no help. My only saving grace is Oxygen. (IF I can use it w/ in 2-3 minutes) Everyone else has found some sort of relief. Oh, but here I am complaining again...

My final wish for all of us Cluster Heads is to end all the suffering. I KNOW this will never happen, but I can wish can't I? I don't want to see anyone in pain anymore... I'm so completely sick of it myself!!

Wishing you all well!!
K8 =]

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