Saturday, June 2, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month #2: Tea for Two (Family Q&A)

Hmmm.... If I could invite any living person over for tea, so that they could fully understand my condition... I would invite my whole family. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A BAD THING!! If I had everyone from my Husband's side, plus mine all in one room, I'd have a Headache Conference!! HA HAA!! Q&A?! Sure!!! Hit me with your question!! I really honestly think having everyone all together, they won't feel weird about asking questions. Because someone is bound to ask all the personal ones, plus questions about topics someone maybe is afraid to ask! The best thing about this is, I would be greatful knowing they all showed up for me, plus they would leave with more knowledge then they came in with!!

Let me just clarify here for a second. My family & extended family are the best support group I could ever ask for. All I mean by this topic is, there has to be something someone out there is afraid to ask me. In a group setting that person may feel more comfortable to ask that question. I know some are more knowledgeable on my daily life than others. All I want out of this "tea date" is everyone feeling like they know, understand & comprehend all that I go through. Also to not feel ashamed, or burdened by asking me ANYTHING! I'm an open book, I'll always answer anything!!

Hmmm, this may just have to happen!! Great idea huh?! I'm sooo giving myself a pat on the back for this one!!! =]

Have a great pain free day everyone!!
K8 =]

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