Friday, March 16, 2012

Holy Crap On A Cracker!!! What a Day!!

Well, today has been a VERY good day!! First of all I feel like crap. The pain won't subside, & leave me alone. (that's nothing new!!) I got to see pictures of my friends baby, due in June. This is her 2nd child, a baby boy in 3D!! Then (this one made me so very happy) I see a link on Facebook announcing that us Migraine & Cluster Headache Demon Fighters have a RIBBON!! IT'S PURPLE!!! Funny, my phone case is purple, my bracelet is purple, I have purple purses... OK, my favorite color is purple!! (That's why I got so excited!) OK, OK getting off track... Then I see on Facebook from a good friend, that my blog has been added to the Headache Disorder Blog Network!! I'm so appreciative, honored, amazed. The list goes on & on.

The only reason I started this blog was for me & to find others like me. It's a small space in this world, where my feelings can be released. I can vent, cry, and be frustrated, and no one will judge me. This is just my place, for therapy, to make myself feel better! I never would've advertised this blog if it wasn't for Twitter. I've never physically met another human with my condition. However, through social networking I have "met" some really honest, empathetic, friendly, people who have become my second family. Plus, they all know what I go through, because most of them have the same conditions I do! No matter if I'm down, or happy as a clam, I know that a few pushes of a button I have someone there who completely understands what I go through! (Besides my husband of course) Thanks to all of my dear friends who believe, understand, love, and will always lend a helping hand!!

Well, I said what I needed to. Not very well, I know I'm not the best at getting feelings out into the open, but I think I got my point across! I want you to know I welcome everyone to my world & love opinions. So please leave a comment!! Also, due to my condition, I'm not on here all the time. So please don't expect to hear from me a lot. I post about once a week or 2 weeks. Thank you all & I am looking forward (now more so) to sharing my small world with you! =]



Victoria said...

Hi Kate!
My name's Victoria and I've recently started a blog about my migraines. I've had them, plus some other complications after a minor car accident, for over 13 years. I think I had a cluster headache once. I honestly thoughts my eyeball was going to fall out. I take sumatriptan injections and that seemed to help.... So I can understand a little of what you're going through! There are a lot of us out there! Love Victoria x

1961mom said...

Excellent post Kate!

I'm one of the participants going to the "Headache on the Hill" event Monday & Tuesday. Meeting other cluster headache diagnosed people has changed my "HOPE" outlook immensely.

Moving into the next phase of "Sharing our stories" is the sweetest part of the internet IMHO.

Keep up the good work, loved the rainbow!


Kate "Katetastrophe" Chappell said...

Thank You for the lovely comments ladies! I'm honestly very happy to get to know other headache sufferers. Thanks ever so much for the encouragement, I'll try to keep you all entertained & share my world w/ you.

Victoria ~ Can't wait to get to know you better! Yes there is a lot of us out there, sadly. However, we all can gain friendship & a sense of empathy from eachother. Maybe it wasn't a Cluster, but an ice pik headache? Same symptoms in the eye but not followed by excruciating pain. I don't know... Just trying to help =]

Cindy~ Thank You for standing up for all of us in D.C!! I wish I could go! Im jealous... Thanks for the encouragement, that's why I keep @ it. To feel like I'm not alone, & to share my feelings. I know there's others like me, I just love hearing from each and every one of you!!!

Thanks ladies so much for your imput!!
K8 =]