Friday, April 24, 2009

In The Twilight Zone

Yes, ok I'll admit it, I've been lacking in the posting department... but you have to understand being in pain will shut someone down. Especially (like me) for months on end. When I get like that, days just pass, ever so slowly. I haven't the faintest idea what day it is, or what month. It just seems like I am in my own world of life crushing pain. Hence, the Twilight Zone...

So what's been going on for 2 months other than pain?

1. New drug (S)
Go frickin figure!! Lets try #30 on the med count shall we? Does it take effect? Care to take a guess on the outcome? Yup, that was a NO GO. Moving onto # 31... ok fine, at this point its like whatever, another one? SURE!! Somethings got to work sometime right?? I give it a big ol fat NOOOO!!! The new drug, Oxcarbazepine is GIVING me CLUSTERS!! See anything wrong with that?? I do!! But the frickin nuerologist says "Its ok, lets just see in 6 weeks if it stops them from coming." Yeah ok... BITE ME!! Im not taking a drug that gives me MORE daily pain, to see in six weeks if it STOPS it or prevents them. What the fricking hell are these quacks thinking? Do they want me to suffer?? And this is a new doctor too... an overpriced joke.

2.The Move

Without upseting people, and going into detail, we were forced to move. We had less than a months notice to be all out and gone. Awesome! So we packed up a three bedroom house, and moved it into a quaint 1 bedroom. I love it here though! My "landlords" have a hot tub, and a pool that's free game! Ya better believe it I am soaking it up!!

3. Pregnancy Scare

I was on Indomethacin and didn't get my period. So needless to say I was freaked out! If you don't know, a lot of so called "headache" medicines can cause fetal harm. So, I had a blood test on a Friday, and the results wouldn't be in til Monday. Ok that weekend sucked! Not because I didn't wanna be pregnant, but I didn't want there to be harm to the baby. I just kept thinking Id have to have an abortion. Oh! Here comes the greatest part! Hold onto your seats... the nuerologist who ordered the test didn't even call me!! I had to call her, then get the results on that following WEDNESDAY!! Why didn't I see something wrong with them then??

4. Pill Popper

For some reason I can't find anything about this new doctor I like. Here's another reason why I detest these people... THEY ACCUSED ME OF BEING A PILL POPPER!! Hold on, im trying to maintain my sanity here.. I'll explain... As I have stated above, there has been endless drugs (31 of them to be exact) tried and not one has worked in preventing my attacks. So yes, if I am in constant pain, you better believe I rely on pain medication to get me through the tough days. Ok I DON'T take them for MINIMAL PAINS or ALL DAY LONG. I swear on the nearest Bible I still have a bottle of Tylenol #4 from November 2008. So please tell me how I can be an addict?

I take them when the pain is unbearable, and that's all. Got it? Good! I WON'T be going back to see her... this time I mean it!!!!

5. My Own Disease

I saved the best for last.
According to this same nuerologist, I (insert my name here but im not going to) have my own disorder. It seems that I have a vast array of different kinds of headaches all culminated into one miserable person! Yes its true. So needless to say they don't know how to treat me. They're only focusing their attention on the clusters. Which is all fine and dandy with me, but I am in constant pain! Helping the clusters only help half the problem. So what do I do now?


Christy said...

Congratulations on having your own private disease. I love it when the same people who prescribe oodles of drugs that don't work and have nasty side effects get all uppity about a few over the counter pain relievers. Hang in there. Glad to see your post.

Betty said...

Try pure oxygen. My husband suffered for over 20 years. He had to use oxygen twice in the last 5 years. A GP can prescribe it. We also went through the doctor, hospital and medication routine. Know what you are going through. Let me know if you already tried oxygen and if not when you will and how it works out for you. Good Luck and God bless you.

Kate "Katetastrophe" Chappell said...

Thanks for the comment betty!Actually as of May 28th I've been given a prescription for oxygen. Im on 7 liters for 15 to 20 minutes as needed. So far it has been working well! I haven't been on a preventative for a while and it has really made a difference. If you could recomend a drug for preventative action that would be great! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog, and taking the time to share your thaughts!