Tuesday, May 26, 2009

T Mobile... Why I Despise Thee...

Ok as you may know, I am a cell phone blogger. Just me and my Sidekick, make this all happen. Well lately all hasn't been going to well with my T-Mobile reception. Since we moved to the country I've been getting NONE! My phone will read "Emergency Calls Only". So that's the reason why I haven't posted.

I called the customer care bimbos, and she didn't know why I wasn't getting reception. Umm huh! That's a hard one right there... Could it be that in the country, there's no CELL PHONE TOWERS?? Jeepers, that's what comes to my mind! What amazes me is she actually workes there and she doesn't even come to that connclusion!!

So, now I have a "technician" comming out to look at my phone. Then they'll diagnose the problem. Wow! Wish I could work for T-Mobile. Seems like a hard job!!

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