Thursday, January 14, 2016

Been too long...

I hate that I've been away for what seems like years. Well it has been!!! The last post was all about insomnia. There was a reason I was such a severe insomniac?!?! I WAS PREGNANT!!!  I quit smoking, lost a lot of weight & was the healthiest I've ever been.
Now more than 2 years later I'm a mother to a beautiful little girl named Gracyn. Gained all my weight back & back into the throws of chronic pain.
Pregnancy was great to me. About 16 weeks in my migraines stopped & didn't return until 2 weeks postpartum. Even while nursing, I still got the Migraines back!!! Ugh
Motherhood, with Chronic illness' hasn't been easy. I struggle to make it through each day. I fight with my body to do the "normal" things that need to be done. Diapers, playing with a rambunctious toddler, keeping the house in a maintainable state. You know, motherhood stuff.
I wanted to slowly ease myself back into this & let you all know, I'm a alive. As much as I can be...
Be well

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