Sunday, January 3, 2016


Today is the 4th week that I have been dealing with the most horrendous, unrelenting insomnia I've EVER had. Usually by now it lets up, but as of now (obviously) it isn't.
I have never had to go to my primary care physician & ask for help, but last Monday I did. Within that week I was on 3 DIFFERENT medications!!! (Ambien, Hydroxine & Klonopin) As you can probably guess, NONE of them have helped.
The only thing that I found to help is getting out of the house & physically excerting myself to the point that my body is killing me & begging for me to stop. Which isn't saying much, becuase my body always feels like that with the Fibromyalgia kicking my butt everyday. The day I did exhaust myself was Saturday. My Hubby & I walked for what seemed like miles. All around different stores, up & down every blasted isle....

I can say that it helped me sleep, but not being able to walk due to the immense pain of my body & head pains, is PURE TORTURE!!!

I guess I'll just have to wait this out & see what happens... I can't push myself any farther & be in constant pain. (More than I am ususally)

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