Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I"ve Been Ok...

I have been dealing the best I can lately. Been lumping around the house, doing the usual cleaning, and crocheting. I've also kept up with the swimming. (as long as the weather holds out!) It has been a really cold summer, only one day above 90 degrees!! Lately we haven't even broke 80, and rain, rain, RAIN!!

Anyway, I went to my general care practitioner on Friday. I got so upset about being in pain for 4 weeks straight!! Sometimes constant all day pain, then others lighter, and starting after 6pm. So lo and behold... PREDNISONE!! (the dreaded steroid) Yup 16 days on that... eating and drinking everything in sight!! Also my doctor decided to try anti depressants. That's the only road I haven't gone down, drug wise.



Hua said...


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cindihb said...

WOW! Interesting about the prednisone...i was on that my second week of these darn headaches...and was supposed to be on them for 5 days...after 3 spiked a fever and was taken off of them. Oh the medication game....argh!
Hope the oxygen is working for you...i've heard great things about it!

KamilleE said...

Oh wow! That must be so hard! I hope you get better and I hope the anti-depressants worked!

I love your blog btw, I've always been interested about cluster headaches (i'm just weird)