Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cluster Buster Buddies

I have been home on disability dealing with this ferocious conditon for a little over 1 year. Along the way I've aquired some prerequisite compulsion like tools for trudging through those long days. Whether it be an inadamant object, human, or canine. Its kinda like when your a kid home sick. You have those certain things you crave, because somehow they just make you feel better.


Obviously my support system. I like to have less people (the better) around me when im seeing the fires of hell. Mostly to be silent and let me get through it, and to wait on me if I need something. (Not that I like being pampered)

Nina the Shih Tzu

I swear this little Ewok knows when I am in pain. She always seems to be in my lap, or on the floor next to me looking up with her big eyes. She's an old lady herself with minimal aches and pains. How she can feel mine I'll never know. But having her come over to me everytime im in pain (even if its hardly any) will never get old.

Chuck the 2 Buck Duck

He's a stuffy (stuffed animal) that my husband so lovingly purchased for me last Easter for $2. He's just the cutest, perfect huggable sized, softest duck in the whole wide world. He's heard his fair share of deafening shrieks, and has been soaked tears.

Crocheted Shawl

This is just a shawl that hangs on the back of our couch, that I crocheted. Its lacy, but warm. Its just perfect to throw over my shoulders, to add an extra bit of comfort!

3 chenille couch pillows

Perfect for those "have kinda annoying pain" days. They're molded to fit my head, and so soft too!!


Duh! How can ya be comfy without a warm, blankie in snowy upstate NY??


I know caffine isn't the best choice for a chronic headache sufferer, but dammit I still crave the stuff! It can be any kind (hot or cold) but I prefer Red Rose hot!!

The dreaded fattening taco salad feast

I know, I know... but taco salads are AMAZING!! Just to show how anal I am, I only eat them from Mikey's pizza shop. Deep fried shells, taco flavored hamberger, shredded mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato, black olives... insert drool here.

Ice packs

A well known favorite to my face and neck. I have 4 of them. One that's squishy, 2 that are hard (actually they're lunch ice packs with Hello Kitty and Disney Princesses on them!) and 2 that fold into thirds. I buy them whenever they're on sale, you'd never know when one will bust open.


Any and all, flannel, fleece, hoodies... Ahh massive comfort cannot be taken for granted.

Tv/ internet

When your home all day everyday life gets kinda repetitive. I like to break up the day reading (if cranium allows) watching tv, and going on the internet. I love to research anything! I am just a knowledge whore. The more the better!! I also love to read other blogs, the Gosselin gossip (I hate that woman, but she does have a nice name! ) get my daily news and weather. Pitiful yes I know. Mind you this doesn't happen everyday either. Im lucky if go on 10 mins a week! If the pain is non exsistant I could be online for upto 2hrs a day!

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cindihb said...

WOW! How enlightening and bizarre how i can relate to so much of your story....i have been suffering through cluster headaches for six weeks, having just been given the 'offical' diagnosis two weeks ago...still playing the game of rx roulette..but hopeful something will help sooner or later...until then...i, too am all about cozy comforts, cold packs, blankets and pillows!