Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Minions

Im feeling pretty good today, so while I've got that going for me Im going to break up another long day @ home. I should be crocheting winter hats for family, but I'd rather do this! They can wait I guess. I've already postponed some since Christmas. They're family, they'll understand right??

I'd like to start off by saying a big Thank You!! to my husband, Mikey. (Dave too. Its one of those stories, he's known by both his first and middle names) He's been my #1 fan through out this whole ordeal. He's been my rock, holding me from falling deeper into the chasm. Letting me cry to (and on!) him, letting me get out my frustrations in a verbal assault, and always telling me no matter how much pain (or how utterly dreadful I look) I am gorgeous! While I been having problems with this blog (people not being able to see it and what not) he has always wanted to post a comment. I helped him get a google account, and it still wouldn't work. So if he can't post, I'll wite about him. Mikey your the most sweetest person I know and Im glad to call you my husband. Thanks again babe!

My parents also deserve a big Thank You!! My Bumbie (its a nick name I gave her, not her real name!) is the best mother a lady could ask for. She's always there when I need to vent, (sorry bout the phone bills Mikey!) she's the first to ask if I need anything, even though she lives 15 min away she'd drop everything to come over if I needed her, she's bought me things when we didn't have the money, oh crap this could go on and on. Bumbles, just know that everything you do comes with an immense sense of thankfulness that I could never repay. Your one in a million!

Billum (my dad) also deserves a huge Thank You! His intense culinary expertise (with no formal training mind you) has gotten me through lonely nights when I didn't have the motivation to cook. That's funny, not that I can cook. Im lucky if I can make a frozen dinner. Getting back to the point here, he's an amazing chef and it has all helped us maintain our winter weight. One thing I will never forget, is he came to help me prepare Thanksgiving 2008 dinner. He took his time and slowly showed me the steps I needed to take. No recipe, at all! That's by far amazing to a non chef. He's not only a great chef, he can bake a bad ass cheese cake! (Right Mikey?) That's not all, don't get me wrong my Dad has many qualities that make him a great person and Father. He's hella funny, loves his dogs (its for the boys!!) and loves all of us unconditionally. Thanks again Billum!!

Also and extended warm Thank You to all my in laws, nieces, and nephews. All your support has been appreciated. I can't name them all, my husband has 5 sisters and 13 neices and nephews!!!!

Last but not least, a Thank You! goes out to my first follower of this blog Payday! He's a good friend of my husband and I. He works with Mikey at the best pizza shop in the area!! (Don't worry boys I won't mention the name!) Anyway, I asked him lastnight through an email if he could get onto the blog from his home computer.
(Side note: my husband and I must be the last people on Earth whom do not have a computer, or easy access to one. Besides the library. Yuk! No thank ya! I do all my posting through my splendid Sidekick...) Anywhoo, he emailed me back saying he read the blog. Little did I know he was the first to follow! Thanks again Payday!! Keep those cat pictures a coming!

I do have to confess I am so anal about they way I write this. I think I've changed just the last post 8 times!! Whether that's good or bad I couldn't give a flying crapola about! Its just nice to spend some down time with Mikey, read him lines and he gives me some great imput! You'd think he was a professional writter with some of the wity things he has to say!

I feel better now... I better get something done around here while I have the energy.

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