Friday, September 28, 2012

Help Achieved!!

I’m sick of the pain. I’m sick of the tired. I’m sick of some people not getting "it". I’m sick of always feeling down. I’m sick of the full-blow panic attacks. I’m sick of the sad. I’m sick of my mind play tricks on itself. I’m sick of going from feeling every mishap in my body to not feeling a thing at all. But above all, I’m just sick. Sick & tired of the relentless pain...

Sorry, just needed to vent for a minute... ♥♥

Well, I went to my Dr & get the help I soo needed to stop that horrific fibro flair mixed with a wicked tension headache. Mmm Prednisone!! I'm sorry, I do not, I repeat I DO NOT like narcotics. They don't do anything for me. Plus on the end there's addiction & the rebound headaches. To me, it's not worth it. In my 6 year battle the ONLY thing that has helped me get back to somewhat "normal" is Prednisone. Obviously, I don't like the swelling, eating like a glutton &drinking like a fish... But who does?! It removes the majority of my pain so I can have some sort of sanity, relaxation & whatever normalcy I can muster.

Here's to hoping for a good weekend!
Kate =\

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Unknown said...

I know how you feel. I hate pills of every sort. Especially the narcotics and those nasty steroids. Those Prednisone pills make me want to eat the fridge contents in just one sitting. I also bloat like a puffer fish and snap at everything, even the furniture if it dare get in my way. It makes me a witch on two wobbly legs and my eyes get all swollen and puffy and my face also gets swollen beyond recognition. But as you say, when it gets to such an extreme with no end in site just what the hell are you to do. Other than have them put you in a straight jacket and lock you in a rubber room-now that I have though of many, many times. But just no normal straight jacket would do. I want mine personalized and bejeweled and done in a pretty blue. None of those standared issued white ones. That would not do. I sure hope you can find some releif from that terrible God awful agony. It would a Godsend if they could find a medication that would curtail those monster cluster headaches. If they'd just get off their rumps and get to work on it. Take care and keeping you in prayer.